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2023 Sales Rep of the Year For PPCF

Updated: May 8

Congratulations to EMC Hospitality!


On behalf of all of us at Plantation Prestige, I would like to congratulate the EMC Hospitality Sales Rep Group as the recipient of the 2023 Plantation Prestige Sales Rep Group of the year award, for extraordinary growth in pioneering a west coast territory that has historically been challenging. After just two years joining the Plantation Prestige sales team in early 2022, EMC Hospitality has grown the west coast territory from 2022 to 2023 with triple digit % increases, working closely with the end users and dealer base within their respective territory.


We greatly appreciate the efforts of our many great sales rep organization relationships we have. Several of you had a great 2023, as did Planation Prestige overall, so congratulations are in order on a successful year. We wish everyone all the best in 2024! Thank you ALL for your efforts and dedication to the Plantation Prestige brand! We are excited for 2024 as the season kicks off and look forward to another fabulous year at Plantation Prestige!


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